About Us

As-salamu alaykum Brother or Sister,

Marhaba to Hassanet.com

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a large catalog of fashion clothes to the Muslim women of the world

Why our mission is important

We noticed that the Muslim woman is neglected by the fashion world. Clothes that match her requirements (modest and elegant) are not common and mainstream brands promote mainly short and/or tight clothes.

As a consequence, the choices of our sisters from all over the world are limited, and does not have access to stylish and modest clothes. We don’t consider this fair. A Muslim woman should be able to be modest as well as elegant with her outfits.

Unfortunately, these women usually resign themselves to lower their standards and buy poor quality clothes.

With Hassanet.com, we strive to allow the Muslim woman as stylish and elegant as she wants!

Who are we

We are a Moroccan family based in Paris, France. We started this Brand as a family (Wafa, Ahmed and our parents) we have seen it becoming very popular and grow quickly on Internet.

We are enjoying see it growing and bringing satisfaction to our customers.