Baghdad Clock - Hassanet
Baghdad Clock - Hassanet
Baghdad Clock - Hassanet
Baghdad Clock - Hassanet
Baghdad Clock - Hassanet
Baghdad Clock - Hassanet
Baghdad Clock - Hassanet
Baghdad Clock - Hassanet
Baghdad Clock - Hassanet
Baghdad Clock - Hassanet
Baghdad Clock - Hassanet
Baghdad Clock - Hassanet

Baghdad Clock

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Adhan Clock

This clock will remind you of the prayer with a beautiful adhan.

Why do you need to have an adhan alarm?

When there is no Muezzin/Mosquee around, we are not remembered about the time of the prayer. Indeed, we are always quite focused on what we are currently doing until we check the clock and see that the prayer times was 10 minutes ago (or worst).

This is important since each prayer has a specific range where the salat is to be accomplished (e.g Maghreb is just after sunset, whereas Dhur can be accomplished until Asr. We will write a blog post on these). 

Thus, we should be aware of the prayer few minutes before as we may need to do wudhu which can take some time.

What the adhan alarm will bring you?

Before buying a prayer alarm, you may not anticipate the prayer time so when it comes, you are not ready and you have to rush to the bathroom to quickly start the prayer in order to stay in the right time.

With this clock with prayer alarm, you will often be surprised by the alarm when you hear it and you will be remembered, in a timely manner, the duty that you have to accomplish (the alarm starts 10 minutes before the prayer time). You will have the time to close/pause what you are doing and be prepared for the prayer.


  • Complete adhan for all prayers (with volume control) 
  • Prayer times for most cities around the world 
  • Qibla direction (relative to the North) 
  • Hijri and Gregorian calendars 
  • High quality adhan sound with adhan volume control  

The clock uses the local taqweem or the most widely used taqweem system for your city. Other standard taqweem systems are also available (Muslim World League, Egyptian taqweem, University of Science Islamic in Karachi, Union Islamic Society of North America etc…)

  • Automatic fajr pray alarm: this unique feature allows you to wake up every day exactly at the same time relative to Fajr adhan. For example, suppose you set the alarm to 5:05 AM and the Fajr adhan is at 5:15 AM. On the next day, if Fajr adhan becomes 5:16 AM, then automatically this alarm will change to 5:06 AM. In this case, you will wake up 10 minutes before Fajr adhan every day.
  • Daily alarm : Alarm to work and school, the daily alarm is a regular alarm that rings at the same time everyday. Moreover, this alarm can be set not to ring on weekends.
  • Qibla direction (relative to the North) can be displayed.  
  • Hijri and gregorian calendars can be displayed: the Hijri calendar follows the Gregorian date and is based on the astronomical moon sighting at Mecca.  
  • Temperature display: temperature reading in Celsius (C) is displayed.  
  • Snooze option
  • Full screen El light
  • Audio out (Connect with speaker)
  • DC 6 Volts external input 300MA 
  • Daylight Saving Time option (for countries using this system )
  • Gentle prayers reminder (when adhan sound is turned off )
  • Could easily modify the difference time prayer to the outskirts of cities adopted it
  • Crescendo sound: All alarms have gentle wake-up sound that increase gradually.
  • One Time Alarm: In addition to Fajr and daily alarms, the clock includes an extra alarm ( called 1-Day alarm ). It can be set to ring for special appointments.
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